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    Identity Crime

    Companies dislike the term ‘turnaround consulting’ because it represents failure. The truth is that turnaround consulting represents success.

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    Identity Theft

    Bonds and commodities are much more stable than stocks and trades. We allow our clients to invest in the right bonds & commodities.

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    Identity Fraud

    Audit and assurance is all about meticulous data analysis. Everything needs to be checked, double checked, and triple checked.

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    Trades & Stocks

    This allows us to specialize in all dimensions of trades and stocks, because we have a specialist within the team for every scenario.

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    Financial Projections

    This stops companies from taking drastic measures like downsizing or closing down sites; those things happen only with no.

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    International Business Opportunities

    We allow you to enter international waters without having to worry about making a mistake, as experience.

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    About Us

    We counsel our clients on their key strategic issues, leveraging our deep industry expertise and using analytical rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems.

    Founded in London in 1983 by three partners, we now employ more than 1,000 professionals worldwide. We advise and support global companies that are leaders in their industries.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated.

    We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated.

    We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of our services. This is a service that is heavily regulated.

    Company News

    • Pisciotta v. Old National Bancorp: Dismissal of Class Action Alleging Negligence, Breach of Contract in Hacking Case

      The U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in August 23, 2007, in this case involving identity exposure via data breach. The plaintiffs in the class action suit sought to recover damages for the unauthorized disclosure of their personal information through a data breach at Old National Bankcorp. Old National Bancorp (ONB) gathered customer data

      September 19, 2023
    • U.S. v. Rafael Chikvashvili: Health Care Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft

      Rafael Chikvashvili, 67, was convicted in federal court in Maryland on charges of health care fraud resulting in death, wire fraud conspiracy, false statements and aggravated identity theft in regard to a scheme to defraud Medicaid and Medicare of over $7.5 million. Chikvashvili was the owner of Alpha Diagnostics, a portable diagnostic services provider. He

      September 19, 2023
    • U.S. v. Taylor: Aggravated Identity Theft, Making False Statements to Federal Financial Institution

      Lloyd Taylor appealed a conviction on six counts of aggravated identity theft and seven counts of making false statements to a bank in a case arising from a tax evasion scheme in which the defendant used several false identities to open accounts at banks for obtaining cashier’s checks, which were then used to purchase gold.

      September 19, 2023
    • UNITED STATES v. ZITRON: Aggravated Identity Theft Appeal

      Harvey Zitron was convicted on two counts of aggravated identity theft, in addition to five counts of filing false tax returns, and three counts of using an unauthorized access device in connection with a company called Millennium Republic, a seller of chemical products. In 2002, while operating the company, he suggested to an employee that

      September 19, 2023
    • Kansas v. Hardesty: Does the Use of a Deceased Person’s identity Constitute Identity Theft?

      Kansas v. Hardesty: Does the Use of a Deceased Person’s identity Constitute Identity Theft? Bradley Hardesty appealed his conviction on charges of that he violated Kansas identity theft law. When pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, he tried to use the driver’s license of his deceased brother to hide his identity. The appeal

      September 19, 2023
    • United States v. Savarese: Aggravated Identity Theft

      In August of 2007, Dennis Savarese and James DeSimone were arrested near the Prairie Meadows Racetrack in Altoona, Iowa. When arrested, they had six stolen credit cards, each of which had a corresponding false identification with the shareholder’s name but with the picture of either Savarese or DeSimone. The pair’s arrest followed a long investigation

      September 19, 2023
    • People v. Barden: Is Assumption of Identity a Discrete Element of Identity Theft?

      The appeal of Scott Barden’s case involves what elements constitute identity theft and if intangible property can be possessed criminally. The case was brought when the defendant used the credit card number of an associate to pay hotel expenses without being authorized to do so. The specific questions before the appeals court were 1) if

      September 8, 2023
    • Parents, Privacy Advocates in California Object to Release of Student Information

      After finding out that the personal information of millions of students in California is to be provided to attorneys for a nonprofit advocacy organization, many parents have become upset, and they are joined in their concern by privacy advocates. According to Linda McNulty of the California Concerned Parents Association (CCPA), more than 3,000 emails were

      September 8, 2023
    • New California Bill Seeks to Ban Default Encryption on All Smartphones

      California Assembly Bill 1681, which was introduced by Assembly member Jim Cooper, would require any smartphone sold in the state “to be capable of being decrypted and unlocked by its manufacturer or its operating system provider.” Legal experts believe this represents a more drastic measure than the legal precedent currently under examination in the disagreement

      September 8, 2023
    • Fitness Trackers Used as Evidence in Court Raising Privacy Concerns

      Fitness trackers have ignited concerns over consumers’ privacy as data from the devices is being used in court cases. The devices capture substantial information about how users spend their time and how their bodies react and perform while they go about their day. Fitness trackers record when the user goes to bed, when they get

      September 8, 2023
    • Preliminary Injunction against ID Theft Law Vacated by 9th Circuit Appeals Court

      A preliminary injunction granted by a U.S. District Judge in Arizona in connection with an identity theft law was vacated by the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The findings of District Judge David G. Campbell held that the plaintiffs’ facial preemption claim had merit. The Appeals Court remanded the case, which was brought by

      September 8, 2023
    • Federal Judge Remands Experian Data Breach Lawsuit to California State Court

      A federal judge in California has dismissed and remanded a suit against Experian Data Corporation and Infosearch LLC concerning an alleged data breach that exposed personal information held the firms’ databases to identity thieves. The judge sent Patton v. Experian back to the state court, stating that the plaintiffs did not show “injury-in-fact” as required

      September 8, 2023

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