Bank Tellers Provide Account information to Identity Thieves

According to authorities, 21st-century bank robberies increasingly involve identity thieves simply calling the user’s local bank directly. In a typical scheme, scammers call the bank and tell the representative they want to change the phone number on an account or that they want to order checks to take money from another account. And bank tellers are readily providing this information to the callers.

According to Cyrus Vance, a Manhattan attorney, unscrupulous bank tellers are frequently part of a larger identity theft ring. Vance noted that bank tellers can access confidential data, and some of them sell that data to identity thieves who use it to open illicit credit card or checking accounts. He also said that not all banks take sufficiently aggressive action to counter these kinds of crimes.

The American Banking Association states that banks have many safeguards in place to prevent identity fraud, including software that monitors employees and their access of customer accounts. The organization also says that customers are always protected against fraud, so banks will cover any losses they suffer through such schemes.

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