About Idcpi

IDCPI.org is a non-governmental Organization based in the United Stated which is developed and maintained by a team of volunteer professionals from legal, law enforcement and technology backgrounds.

IDCPI.org four primary goals:

1) To educate people, businesses, and law enforcement agencies about how to prevent identity crime and if identity crime has been committed to provide strategies for dealing with it;

2) To promote the development of legislation around the world to combat identity theft and identity fraud;

3) To research and help to develop strategies and tools for preventing identity crime;

4) To develop a platform whereby individuals, businesses, organizations, attorneys, legislators, and law enforcement agencies can share ideas and strategies for combating identity crime around the world.

We offer prevention tools, research and education services on a wide range of identity theft issues. If you are concerned about identity crime, if you need more information about our organization or our website, or if you would like to schedule trainings or seminars that address identity crime issues, please contact us through our online ticket system.

At IDCPI, we are at the forefront of the battle against identity crime, dedicated to safeguarding individuals and organizations from the pervasive threat of identity theft and fraud. Our commitment to protecting personal information, preserving privacy, and fostering digital trust drives our mission and vision.

Who We Are:
IDCPI is a globally recognized leader in identity crime prevention. Established by a team of experts in cybersecurity, data protection, and law enforcement, we bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience to address the evolving challenges of identity theft and fraud.

What We Do:
1. *Research Excellence:* We conduct cutting-edge research to understand the latest trends and tactics employed by identity criminals. Our findings inform the development of effective prevention strategies.

2. *Education and Awareness:* We empower individuals, businesses, and communities with knowledge through informative resources, workshops, and awareness campaigns. Educated individuals are better equipped to protect themselves and others.

3. *Collaborative Partnerships:* We collaborate with industry leaders, law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and nonprofit organizations to create a united front against identity crime. Together, we develop holistic solutions to mitigate risks.

4. *Innovative Solutions:* We pioneer innovative technologies and strategies to prevent identity theft and fraud. From biometric authentication to advanced encryption methods, our solutions are at the cutting edge of security.

Why Choose IDCPI:
*Expertise:* Our team comprises experts who are passionate about preventing identity crimes and have a deep understanding of the challenges involved.

*Global Reach:* IDCPI’s impact extends worldwide, with a global network of partners and stakeholders committed to a safer digital and physical environment.

*Trust and Integrity:* We prioritize trust and integrity in all our endeavors. Our commitment to transparency and ethical practices underpins our work.

*Community Focus:* We recognize that identity crime affects individuals and communities. We are dedicated to helping those affected and promoting a sense of security and empowerment.

Join Us in the Fight Against Identity Crime:
At IDCPI, we believe that together, we can make a difference in preventing identity theft and fraud. Join us in our mission to create a world where personal information is respected, privacy is valued, and digital trust is paramount. Together, we can shape a safer and more secure future for all.”